NodeFabric Host Image is a modular VM (or bare-metal) image that delivers hyperconverged MariaDB-Galera database and Ceph storage solution for highly available, self-healing and load-balanced cloud services.

Based on stable and supported RedHat Enterprise Linux or CentOS operating system - it provides highly available data backend layer for self-healing and load-balanced cloud services.

Docker, Consul and HAProxy are used internally for coordinating and maintaining included data storage services. NodeFabric Host Image can run on any virtual or physical infrastructure: Amazon EC2 cloud, Openstack and VMware private clouds or directly on bare metal.

Features include:

  • prebuilt NodeFabric Host Image and optional remote cluster auto-join service
  • zero-­configuration data backend fabric deployment ­- just “Boot–and­-Go”
  • self-contained and runs everywhere - AWS, Openstack, VMWare, KVM, bare-metal etc.
  • very low infrastructure capabilities requirements for clustering – it does not require multicast networking or node fencing
  • clustered by design
  • built-in service discovery and health monitoring

Example use cases:

  • hyperconverged solution stack (Docker + database + shared FS + load-balancer)
  • highly available turnkey database cluster
  • virtual SAN with distributed filesystem support

More information about supported NodeFabric product can be found here: http://opennodecloud.com/products/nodefabric.html


NodeFabric is released under open-source Apache v2 license.